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Class A Motorhome

As the entire country continues to bounce back from the strain and stress caused by a global pandemic, there are new worlds to explore. If you’ve grown tired of zoom meetings and conference calls and want to get away from it all, then there’s nothing quite like getting an RV and giving yourself the chance to pull up stakes whenever you’d like. If you’re concerned about not having a large truck to haul around a trailer, there’s a solution with you in mind.

class a motorhomes edgewater

It’s called a class a motorhome. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of vehicle, strap yourselves in, we’re about to give you the crash course and a passing grade.

Unlike the travel trailers that require some knowledge about towing, class A motorhomes are usually upon the chassis of a bus or commercial truck. This means that while it might take a while to get used to, there’s no hooking up or towing involved on your awaiting RV adventures. However, many do possess towing capabilities, just in case you decide upon taking some extra goodies with you on the road. The average class A is around 37 to 41 inches in length, though smaller models that extend to around 25 feet are available. Still, it’s best that you get some experience driving it around before you go on the lengthy road trip.

Once you get used to the size, you’ll be wondering why you went so long without one. A class A can usually fit 4 to 8 adults comfortably, and speaking of comfort, the level of amenities that are offered to you are just as luxurious as they are many. Depending upon which model you decide upon, class A motorhomes include washer/dryer sets and high-end kitchen designs. This means your trips will have all creature comforts of home.

Be the Best in Class at Factory Direct Marine & RV

Now that we’ve successfully gotten your attention and the advantages of a class A RV have been made abundantly clear, you might be asking yourself a very important question…“Where do I get one?”

That’s a good question, that deserves an answer. And the answer is that there’s one location that offers the highest quality in sales, service, parts, and financing — Factory Direct Marine & RV. Our inventory is always growing and we continually strive for excellence in providing our customers with the very best. The open road is calling your name, but before you answer, give us a visit. For more information, pitch a tent over at https://www.factorydirectedgewater.com/.

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