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Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhome

Motorhomes are available in many different styles and sizes which can make shopping a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for a larger size motorhome for a lower price, Class C may be the best fit for you. Here are some benefits of Class C to consider when purchasing your new motorhome. motorhomes edgewater

What are the Differences?

First, let’s take a look at how Class C differs from the other classes of the motorhome. Class C offers more gas mileage and lower prices than Class A. Class C also has larger living space at a smaller size than Class B. The C comes with raised sleeping areas and storage that extends over the cab of the RV. Since the C is more van-like, some would say that it’s easier to drive than the A which is more similar to a bus.

Multiple Sizes

Class C comes in a variety of sizes including, compact, full-size, and super-sized. The Super-C is the largest available which utilizes the Ford F550 or Freightliner chassis. The Super-C also has a front-engine diesel while most of the other Class Cs are powered by a gasoline engine. The compact C includes different features like the popular Mercedes and Ford Transit cutaway chassis.


Class C features many amenities that would be beneficial to you and your family. Most models come with at least one slide-out that creates larger living and storage areas. Some models feature a toy hauler so you can travel with your sporting equipment such as kayaks, ATVs, and bikes. While the motorhome is moving you’ll also still be able to access the bathroom and refrigerator. Depending on the floor plan your Class C will be able to sleep up to 11 people making it a great option for larger families or groups. The C is usually shorter in length and not as tall so it’s easier to maneuver in and out of tight spaces.

Towing Options

Class C may have a lower towing capacity than other classes when it comes to hauling cargo or trailers. However, the Super-C has a much higher towing capacity than Class A. Other C RV styles will be able to tow a car or trailer. Always check with your RV manufacturer about the maximum weight rating on whichever RV you choose. It’s also important to read up on state laws for the supplemental towed-vehicle braking system requirements since it varies from state to state. If you’re ready to enjoy more living space and other great features of the Class C motorhome, start your search at Factory Direct Marine & RV. Check out our inventory by visiting us at 4100 US-1 Edgewater, FL 32141, or contact our expert team today! (386) 210-4055

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