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Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat

Summer is quickly approaching so you may be searching for new leisure activities to enjoy with family and friends. If relaxing on the water is your type of fun, a pontoon boat would be a great addition. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most relaxing recreational boats on the market.

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What is a Pontoon? A pontoon is a floating device that’s used to add buoyancy to a structure. Pontoon tubes function due to them being airtight, hollow, water-resistant, and unsinkable. The boats use two or more pontoons to float safely on the water. With a pontoon, you’ll no longer have to worry about loading your boat with heavy recreational items.

Pontoon Boats If you’re looking for a fun recreational boat, the pontoon boat should be your choice. This type of boat got its name since it relies on the pontoon structures to float. They’ve also been recently growing in popularity again because of speed changes. Pontoon boats in the past were slower mainly because they were only used for recreation. Now you can enjoy the same relaxing activities but also more speed. These modern boats can now reach speeds at about 31 mph. They are usually 14 to 30 feet in length and are great at making tight turns just like boats made with fiberglass hulls.

Activities With a pontoon boat, you’ll have many activities to take part in to make this summer an exciting one. If you’re looking to relax you’ll have plenty of space to fish or sunbathe. These particular boats are also great for hosting parties because of the extra space. Whether you’re adventurous and want to take part in water sports or you’re looking for a luxurious excursion, the pontoon boat can do it all.

Spacious & Comfortable Pontoon boats have a simple design and application. Many manufacturers now offer luxurious pontoons with high-end interiors because of this design. The modern models are made from rigid aluminum welded sheets making it a comfortable ride for all. Pontoon boats stand out from the rest because of the large, flat upper deck. This gives you plenty of space if you have a larger family or are planning on hosting an event with friends. The boats are also becoming customizable so you can show your style and make it your own.

If you’re ready for a new boating experience this summer, it’s time to check out the pontoon boat. Come see these luxurious boats for yourself by visiting Factory Direct Marine & RV located at 4100 US-1 Edgewater FL 32141. Contact our expert team today to get started! 386-210-4055

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