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Pop-Up Campers

Pop-Up Campers

You may not have the need for a massive Recreational Vehicle (RV), but the idea of camping in a tent just does not sound appealing to you. If only there were something in between. Well, you are in luck! Factory Direct Marine & RV supplies information below about why a pop-up camper may be the perfect solution.

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A Pop Up Camper is a really awesome style of RV since it is made to be compacted nicely into what can be described as a large box that sits on a trailer. Once expanded at your destination, the condensed RV becomes a roomy living area so that you can camp in comfort. Pop-up RVs usually contain two or more queen size beds that protrude from the front and back of the camper, a mini kitchen sink and stove, a table for dining that is able to be transformed into a bed, and storage configurations.

Furthermore, there are models that are equipped with a third bed that juts out of one side for campers who desire extra sleeping accommodations. While not commonly standard, you can purchase a pop-up that has a refrigerator, a small-scale bathroom with a toilet and shower, and an AC unit and heater. Pop-up campers are a perfect blend of the camping experience with a few contemporary features for boosted comfort. These RVs pack up and hook up in a short amount of time so you can be on your journey in no time. You can enjoy being warmer during colder temperatures and also stay cooler in the heat as opposed to taking shelter in a tent.

Yet another terrific advantage that a pop-up camper offers is that it is more petite in size and lighter in weight than RVs with rigid sides. Not only does the aforementioned benefit allow hauling ability for the majority of vehicles, but storage is no problem since it is able to be parked in a garage, next to an average driveway, or even in a backyard. Plus, a fantastic perk that pop-up campers provide is affordability. They are considerably lower in price when compared to other styles of campers. You can take a pop-up camper anywhere that permits camping trailers or motorhomes as well as a variety of other sites that do not allow sizable trailers or motorhomes.

Factory Direct Marine & RV is a full-service dealership that can assist you in finding an ideal pop-up camper. We furnish customers with a spectrum of both new and pre-owned RVs at reasonable costs. Kindly visit us at 4100 US-1 in Edgewater, Florida to see all that we have to offer. If you have any questions about our company, please contact us at (386) 210-4055.

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