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Tiny Travel Trailers

Tiny Travel Trailers

Have you been searching for the perfect RV that fits both your lifestyle and budget? Tiny trailers come with the same luxury as a standard RV for much less cost. With a tiny trailer, you’ll be able to drive with ease and have many more travel options. Let’s take a look at some other beneficial reasons to consider the tiny travel trailer for your next RV experience this summer.

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Campsite Options

A major benefit of the tiny trailer is having more travel options due to its smaller size. Many campsites have restrictions when it comes to larger RVs, but with a tiny trailer, you’ll have the freedom to choose whatever campground you like. These trailers only take up about the same space that a tent would on the grounds. You’ll also get that cozy feel on your next RV adventure spending time closer to family and friends.

Save Money

Everyone is looking to save money when it comes to making a big purchase. Besides being less expensive than a standard size RV, tiny travel trailers will also save you money in the long run. You’ll be spending less money on gas to tow. Road trips can end up being expensive excursions but a tiny trailer can make it cost-efficient by simply towing your trailer behind your car.

Less Maintenance

Another great benefit of the tiny trailer is having less maintenance to worry about. Tiny trailers have fewer moving parts than a full-size RV making them much more convenient to maintain. You’ll be spending less time organizing and cleaning this smaller trailer giving you more free time to enjoy recreation instead. Storing this specific trailer also becomes stress-free since it can easily be stored in the garage during the colder months.

Easy Travel

No one wants to feel overwhelmed or stressed on a recreational trip. Tiny trailers are much easier to maneuver which will help you hit the road with ease. Minivans and SUVs can’t always tow a standard-size RV. Tiny travel trailers will be able to be towed usually by any vehicle with a trailer hitch creating more options. Making stops for gas or parking at the campsite will also become less of a hassle.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself how the tiny travel trailer can enhance your next road trip, Factory Direct Marine & RV is the place for you. Visit us at 4100 US-1 Edgewater, FL 32141, or contact our expert team today to begin your shopping experience! 386-210-4055.

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